We'll Be Home Soon

by Snow.Drift

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This short record is a collection of years of material.
My only dream is that this music inspires hope.


released June 24, 2016

All songs Recorded//Produced//Mixed at "the Wolves Den" by Joshua Sullivan. Mastered by Jeremy Anderson
Globe Garage

Track 3: " [A U L ] " Features Sergio Madina from Stolas

Special thanks to:
Anyone who picks up and listens to this EP, it means the world that anyone would take their time to appreciate what I've created.
Rodrigo and Globe Garage for helping me distribute this and always being extremely helpful and inspiring. Cody Weber for creating the art and being an immeasurable amount of help in me finishing this body of work. Thank you to Jeremy for mastering this record and making it sound lovely! Thank you to any of my friends who listened to this EP and gave me incredible feedback..Specifically Evon for really helping me appreciate and understand what I'd been working so hard on, and Shelby.
There's many more I'd like to thank but I won't go on too long.
Thank you all from the deepest part of my heart.



all rights reserved


Snow.Drift Richmond, Virginia

music is everything.

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Track Name: Ghost
if this were all a dream
and i could tell you everything that im thinking
i would've let you know
that im not in control
of the way my head is spinnin
and i cant keep pretending
that i am alive
that i feel the same way, i did at that time
so you can tell me what's on your mind
or i can read your truth like i do every time

so keep it locked in your head
you're a ghost, you don't know what you're looking for
is this all, that we have?

"the ones you love become ghosts in your head
this is the way we try to white-wash death"
i cant say that i like all ive become
but im doing my best to tell right from wrong
there's something always missing, something keeps us up at night
we try to fight it, keep it blocked from our minds
deny the truth, when it comes to you
like you always do!

you come and you go but you're never here
you're never here at all.
Track Name: Wouldn't Count On It
and my heart was frozen
I found myself stuck and snowed in
So slowly I moved over to you
I crept into your thoughts
You're not sure of what's right and what's wrong
People can pass their judgments all they want
I just face the fact that I don't worry about any of that at all
I know that I'm confused, and probably look like a fool
But I only care how I look in front of people like you
My breath ends up wasted when I try to explain this
Feeling that I feel when I feel like I'm caving in
Like all walls are closing, I don't know where I'm going
I just know that everything seems like it's unfolding
I've done my fair share of wrong, things I won't forget
There are many things I can't find myself willing to forgive
But live and let live, I suppose that's what I try to do
But when I look around, I know that

You know your kind, the crimes you commit
Can't take back time, can't bring back innocence
In due time, some of this might start to make sense
But I wouldn't don't count on it

and some of us are chosen
To make a difference to which we're holdin
Some revolution needs to take
Over this place, cause I get sick of living life day to day
So move your feet, and listen to the words I speak
If I could get this all out and make you understand me
I swear to God that I would, I really know that I should
I really know that I could, I could but you-

So summer comes, and this heart was blue..until
I met the kind of person like you
Now I can look around
and keep my head away from the ground
can you hear it now?
Track Name: [ A U L ]
I’m afraid to say the things that I think
Would you believe me?
and I would say anything to make you believe
I’m worth keeping
if you could just change your mind
and give me the time
maybe it’d be worth it
maybe i could find someone

just a bit of a ghost, and a restless soul
born to walk the earth while i grow old
never said what i thought i look back on it all
keep those regrets to myself, maybe ill find someone else
if it were just a cure
could i be okay?
if when i look into your eyes
would you feel the same

but all i find is more lies
but all i find is more lies
and all i ever do is fall in love
with people like you, who never know

i swear I’ve got nothin left to show
if you’re listening could you let me know?
cause i keep thinking this could be something
but thats just a dream that ill keep wanting

I’m just a ghost, you’ll only find me here
past the corners that you never come by
never said what i thought i look back on it all
while i stay awake so late every single night
if i could just know you
in any single way
cause i’d do anything for you
i guess that just sounds strange

but all i find is more lies
but all i find is more lies
and all i ever do is fall in love
with people like you, who never know
Track Name: Bleeding Sun
I’m stumbling right in front of you
Opened my heart, don’t know what to do
Opened my mouth at the wrong time
if i kept it shut would you have stayed tonight?
Could we have kept it alive?
Now it’s so cold without you here
and no one else is near
and I tried to keep it alive
But you’re lost and so am I

I don't wanna be alone...
If that counts for anything, and if you're listening
You should know, that you're not alone!
Don't let it get to you, after all you've put yourself through
and all those things you do
You should let it go, you should let it go..

"You're gonna see me in your dreams, cause i don't know where I live anymore"
If I stole these words right out your mouth, could you give me a chance to figure them out?
Cause I don't know who to trust
I swear I said this all before
I kept you here as a crutch
and now I'm falling to the floor.

I don't wanna be alone.
I don't wanna be alone.
Track Name: We'll Be Home Soon
Hold on, it won't be long
Until you rest and meet with your dreams
Take a breath, cause I know it's hard to sleep
When you're alone in bed, with these dark thoughts in your head

But you are not alone, I'm right by your side
I'll see you in the morning, I'll stare into your eyes
You're all I'll ever want to have in this life
Through the storms and these dark nights
You're all I'll ever need with me on this journey
We can survive.

Autumn is on its way, leaves they fall from the trees
and I'll do my best to sing you to sleep
Whenever trouble comes, I'll be your protector
I'll be your shelter I'll be with you forever

We can survive.

We'll Be Home Soon.
Track Name: I Remember You, You Were Sound Asleep
If I recall correctly, I’m afraid our time’s up
The curtain’s soon to fall and we all line up
If all this was an act what could you really want?
I’m searching for your soul like it’s among the stars

Take these broken dreams, make them whole again
Take this worn down heart, give it a reason to live
If you've got more to give, I need to hear it now
If there’s still more for me, I hope I find that out

Could we have made it? Could I have found you before?
I'm on my way with, all that I have to the shore
Just put your feet in, you'll take a risk and you'll learn
You're swept away with, the waves that crest upon you again
and again and again..
I'll find you here again!

I keep my back to the ground, hearing you whisper
You point out constellations, painting a picture
Of something more than us, there’s something bigger
I’m praying to say some things, that make me shiver

We duck from the headlights, I think I’ll tell the truth
Drastically I shift my view and gaze towards you
You’re asking what I’m thinking, there’s just a blank stare
I’m afraid you’ll never know, just how much I care